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Portal Pages in Cognos Analytics R11

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Fri May 04, 2018 06:58 AM

With release 11.0.11, we are pleased to announce support for Portal Pages created in Cognos 10.x. Portal Pages was a very popular feature in Cognos Cognos BI 10.x and previous versions and many customers have dozens, and in some cases hundreds, of Portal Pages in their Cognos 10.x environments. These customers will now be able to migrate their content to Cognos Analytics while maintaining the experience that many of their users have come to rely on using Portal Pages for easy access to their most commonly used reports and folders.

In order to enable Portal Pages in Cognos Analytics 11.0.11, an administrator must set an advanced server setting as follows. This is a one-time step to enable Portal Pages support for the entire environment:

In order to do this, an administrator will launch the Configuration Setter page at:


For example:


One there, add a new setting called:


With a value: true

There is no restart of services required once the value has been set.

Once Portal Pages has been enabled the following will happen:

1. Users who had “Portal Tabs” in their Cognos BI 10.x environment will see a new “My Portal Pages” folder on the Navigation Bar when they log into Cognos Analytics. This folder will read the users profile each time they log in and will display a shortcut to a Portal Page for each Portal Tab they have access to. This is done each time a user logs on so that if an Administrator changes access rights to a Portal Page or removes a Portal Page, the list will be updated for the user.

2. Portal Pages will now launch inside the Cognos Analytics portal or Glass. The Portal Pages themselves should behave just as they did in Cognos 10.x as no changes were made in terms of the functionality and rendering of Portal Pages.


Please note that only legacy content will be rendered inside the portlets contained in a Portal Page. These portlets leverage the Classic Viewer (C10.x viewer) to render content and thus are not able to display new objects such as Dashboards, Stories or interactive reports.

Video Overview: Cognos 10 Portal Page migration to IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.11 My Portal Pages