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#Cognos Analytics 11.0.8: What’s new in Reporting

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Thu November 02, 2017 09:48 PM

The reporting capability in the latest release of Cognos Analytics 11.0.8 is filled with popular RFEs from our customers around the world.
Latitude and Longitude support
Mapbox integration in reporting has a new layer – latitude and longitude. Report authors can use up to two measures to represent bubble size and color when mapping lat/long. An additional label slot has been added to the interface to provide meaningful tooltips.

For detailed information on this feature, please visit the blog here.

Design mode in Data Set editor
When creating a data set with large number of records, the results may take a long time to return. Design mode allows users to create a data set with metadata only. Live data only becomes available when switched to preview mode.


Export a report to XML format
This feature has been brought back into the product due to popular demand. XML format is available as an output option from within report editing environment, Cognos 11 interactive viewer, Cognos 10 classic viewer, scheduling, run in background and subscription.

Hyperlink to open in a new tab
By default, a hyperlink opens in the current browser tab. This replaces the entire Cognos Analytics environment. This approach no longer works well in Cognos Analytics 11 because reports are running under the Cognos Analytics portal, under the switcher. Replacing Cognos Analytics content within the browser tab means losing navigations.
A new property has been added for the hyperlink object allowing it to open in a new browser tab. We did not change the default setting for upgrade purposes. All reports created prior to R8 continue to open in the current browser tab.

Image picker
Administrators can upload custom images through extensions in Cognos Analytics. This option is available under Manage-> Customization->Extensions tab.


There are sample extensions available with the Cognos Analytics install to help you understand how to write extensions. You can use the Sample_Custom_Media_All json file as a test and import it using the above method.
Once this extension has been imported, images are available in dashboarding, storytelling and reporting interface. The way to access them within reporting is to use an ‘image’ object and double click on the object to launch the image picker dialog. This dialog continues to support images hosted on your webservers.


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Mon January 28, 2019 04:25 AM

Hi.  I see that 11.0.8 was supposed to address the issue of a user being able to manage their own activities.  I am on 11.1 and they are still not able to cancel currently running activities - only the administrator can do that.  Correct?