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#Cognos Analytics 11.0.8: Updated Data Module Capabilities

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Thu November 02, 2017 11:14 PM

In Cognos Analytics Release 11.0.8, data modules were augmented with some new capabilities. These improvements were delivered in the areas of ambiguous connection support, and diagram view changes.

Ambiguous Connections:
Ambiguous connections that were supported in earlier versions of Cognos products, were not well supported in Cognos Analytics. Each data source had to have an explicit connection and sign on assigned. If a data server had multiple connections that were not explicitly resolved, the data module user would encounter an error. In 11.0.8, Cognos Analytics will now prompt the user when ambiguous connections are encountered. This increases flexibility for clients, as well as provides an upgrade path for Cognos clients running previous versions.

Diagram View improvements
Prior to Cognos 11.0.8, many users did not leverage the diagram view within the data module experience because the user had to know to select the “eye” icon before they could control the diagram (as shown below)


As seen below, the default in 11.0.7 was cardinality off, and maximum degree of separation.


In Cognos 11.0.8, we improved the usability of the diagram view in data modules. The diagram display allows the user to focus on an area of the model, while providing a view of the complete model. Additionally, the cardinality is now ‘on’ or shown by default in this latest release. If a user wants to supress the display, they can simply un-check the cardinality check box.


In 11.0.8, when a user opens a data module the first table in the module is in focus. If the user accesses the diagram view, the degrees of separation is set to one. The diagram will show the tables related to the table in focus within 1 degree of separation. The remaining items are displayed in a translucent rendering. This ensures the user can understand the entire model, but remain focused on the current items that need investigation.


Release 11.0.8
After loading data module – grid view: