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Data server updates in #Cognos Analytics 11.0.7

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Mon August 28, 2017 09:21 AM


Cognos Analytics 11.0.7 introduces support for Presto including the Teradata certified version. Presto is a distributed parallel processing SQL query engine designed for analytical interactive workloads over large data volumes. Presto has the following built-in data connectors and a pluggable architecture to add custom connectors:

  • Apache Accumulo

  • Apache Cassandra

  • HDFS and Amazon S3

  • ORC, Parquet, Text, …

  • Apache Kafka

  • JMX

  • HTTP logs

  • Redis


Cognos Analytics 11.0.7 also introduces support for MemSQL which is positioned for high-speed ingest, transactions and analytics with integration points to Apache Kafka and Spark. Use the MySQL JDBC driver and connection option in Cognos Analytics to connect to it.

Dynamic connection parameters in JDBC connections

Now you can specify session variables in JDBC connections for drivers that support dynamic connection parameters. Technologies such as Apache Hive or Cloudera Impala support features such as identity delegation that require dynamic values corresponding to different database user identities.

As of Cognos Analytics 11.0.7, you can specify user session parameters in the JDBC URL and Connection properties fields. For example, the JDBC URL field can include the following name-value pair, the latter being a session parameter that will be replaced by the name of the user that’s logged into Cognos Analytics: