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Simply the most powerful analytics platform on the market

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Tue September 13, 2016 05:35 AM

IBM Cognos Analytics has a robust heritage with a platform for scalability, reliability, security, governance and performance that’s been tested and validated over the past 15 years.

With a track record of scaling beyond hundreds of thousands of users and meeting our toughest clients’ demands, we are equally adept at serving clients that want to start small with a departmental installation. Starting small is a current trend, and as the need for analytics takes flight within a particular environment, Cognos Analytics easily grows with our clients’ communities and expands capabilities.

The upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics has brought the enhancement of a self-service capability to the existing, robust IBM Cognos platform, in effect, giving rise to an entirely new sphere of insight and analysis. The beauty of the tool is that IT and line of business are now using the same platform and the same set of robust capabilities.

Bringing business users and IT onto the same analytics platform via a streamlined, intelligent and highly intuitive interface, enables business users to independently investigate and interrogate company data, uncovering insights that can be shared and enabling reports to be created in any format that they wish, for colleagues to then build upon.

At the same time, IT benefits from not getting sidetracked and backlogged with frequent line-of-business requests for reports and analytics. The result is a sharper IT focus on longer-term projects and bigger picture strategic initiatives.

With IBM Cognos Analytics, enterprises of every size are increasingly able to leverage the collective intelligence of their people and get analytics into the hands of more users. The enhancement of self-service capabilities is opening doors to untold new possibilities arising from the far greater consumption of, interaction with and actual creation of the kind of content that is critical for moving companies forward in the digital economy.

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