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Experience Cognos Analytics at IBM World of Watson

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Tue September 06, 2016 11:06 AM


IBM World of Watson is two months away and we are gearing to maximise your experience on advanced analytics, business analytics, big data and business intelligence. Whether you are starting your analytics journey or you are a seasoned business intelligence practitioner, we have an unparalleled range of sessions to get you quickly up-to-speed or fine tune your BI performance.

The comprehensive IBM Cognos Analytics sessions drill down to the latest BI and analytics topics and challenges based on your role, experience level and key focus. Here are some of the IBM Cognos Analytics hot topics and relevant sessions. Register now for IBM World of Watson. Book your spot and build your agenda now!

Self-service BI

Learn how business users access advanced analytics that are easy to use, and allow them to make decisions in a timely manner. Explore the key concepts of configuring and tuning the IBM Cognos Analytics stack so you can experience the advantages of self-service dashboards and managed reports. You also get visualization tips for enhancing and boosting user experience.

1216 - Themes, embedding and extensibility: Cognos Analytics your way

1539 - Everything you need to know to upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics

2190 - Modern and smart: IBM’s business intelligence and analytics platform

3028 - Industry Expert Panel: Must-have requirements for today’s enterprise BI and analytics platforms

3334 - Is IT still relevant in a self-service world?

3555 - Creating a data-driven culture with smarter self-service BI


IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

These sessions detail the latest capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud for those new to BI as SaaS, and for current users who want to migrate their work to the cloud to improve IT economics, speed and agility. Compare capabilities of on-premise and cloud deployments and address the pros and cons of each.

1549 - Showing some analytics SaaS: IBM Cognos Analytics on IBM dashDB

1754 - Getting technical with your IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud options

2193 - Adopting Cognos Analytics: Customer Perspectives

2252 - On-demand BI: Starting or ‘bridging’ IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud


Mapping and geospatial visualization

Explore the mapping and geospatial capabilities that were recently added to IBM Cognos Analytics. Discover how you can add geographic dimension to visualizing critical business information in reports and dashboards.

1070 - Mapping and geospatial visualization in IBM Cognos Analytics

2879 - Data of a different color: Highlighting insights in data


Dashboard creation

These sessions introduce you to data modules and dashboard creation in IBM Cognos Analytics. Using proven practices, you will be creating fully consumable dashboards with just a few clicks in less than ten minutes!

1361 - Designing effective reports and dashboards with IBM Cognos Analytics

1537 - Blow your colleagues away by mastering IBM Cognos Analytics dashboards

2407 - In just 10 minutes you can be creating dashboards with Cognos Analytics


What’s new and next in IBM Cognos Analytics

Get an update on IBM Cognos Analytics - product enhancements and market reactions – as we present the opinions of customers and share a view into the future of modern self-service and managed reporting.

1891 - What’s new and what’s next in Cognos Analytics

3026 - Shining the light on dark data through data preparation and cognitive analytics

3511 - The ease of upgrading to IBM Cognos Analytics


Customer speak

Our sessions include customer stories from Kaiser Permanente, The Boeing Company, Magellan Health, International Medical Corps, Paraná Equipamentos and more.

2285 – Debuting IBM Cognos Analytics at The Boeing Company

2383 - How Boeing lands value and enhanced visual analytics with IBM Cognos Analytics

2420 - Data modeling with IBM Cognos Analytics: Tips and tricks from Kaiser Permanente

2636 - Accentuating the positive: Turning data into knowledge at Magellan Health

2677 - Paraná Equipamentos replaces QlikView with a BI-as-a-Service solution from DW Brasil and IBM

2757 - Improving response times and saving lives with advanced analytics at International Medical Corps


Register now for IBM World of Watson. Book your spot and build your agenda now!