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Nothing lost, much gained in upgrading to IBM Cognos Analytics

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Wed August 17, 2016 07:21 AM

The upgrade path for IBM Cognos Analytics has been made virtually seamless. Regardless of the previous version of Cognos Business Intelligence that you have been using—8.4, 10.2, 10.22, etc.—we are strongly encouraging an upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics. All existing data sources, content, connections, reports, and dashboards will be maintained in the process.

Everything that was already in place will automatically come forward in the new version, enabling you to focus on new features and capabilities.

The simplification of the interface in IBM Cognos Analytics was really designed to make it easier to find the answers you need. In combining the Report Studio and Cognos Workspace Advanced into one, unified interface, line of business users are now able to graduate from entry-level interactions with existing reports to access to all information, analytics and the complete range of capabilities for investigating and interrogating data.

The upgrade from IBM Business Intelligence to IBM Cognos Analytics is empowering the business user for a level of data analytics that had previously been IT’s domain. The simplified interface means that users at any level are now directed within the tool to find answers and insights. For IT, this represents an opportunity to step out of day-to-day business intelligence requests and back into a more strategic, big picture perspective.

While IBM Cognos Analytics enables self-service for business users, the system is governed by IT. With IBM Cognos Analytics IT’s role is primarily to establish governance and security procedures for the data sets, as well as reports, allowing users to collaborate and share information among themselves. IT will manage business user accounts, and administer access and permissions for potentially sensitive or confidential data and reports. Rich with new possibilities for every facet of the company, IBM Cognos Analytics is truly bridging the gap between IT and business users.

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