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IBM Cognos Analytics Builds Upon Core Strengths

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Fri July 08, 2016 05:26 AM

IBM Cognos Analytics provides unsurpassed security and governance at every level, including data and reports, the dashboards, as well as the information that is distributed to the community on a daily or weekly basis. Even though IBM Cognos Analytics opens doors to a depth and breadth of company data, tight controls are in place that can govern who has access to what. The obvious example is access to salary information, which only a limited number of users should have. For any number of reasons, departments throughout the enterprise might have certain data that is not for general consumption and mechanisms are in place to ensure appropriate controls.

IBM Cognos Analytics’ underlying principles of enterprise scale, enterprise security and governance, which we have enhanced with every upgrade, have reached a level of sophistication that provides IT with a high level of assurance and comfort.

Extremely large corporations, large banks and large retail organizations, use IBM Cognos as part of their core operational business every single day. The stakes are very high for our customers and we get that. So in the process of rethinking the customer experience for the IBM Cognos Analytics upgrade, we’ve ensured that the core principles that customers have come to count on were maintained, and in many cases, enhanced.

Performance has always been key for both the large-scale enterprises and the smaller companies that rely on IBM Cognos Analytics, and we’ve enhanced that even further. Among the enhancements is the ability to take snapshots of data to allow for the ability to continue working offline in an interactive way.

IBM Cognos Analytics is a highly scalable system. It has been designed from the outset as a solution for both small companies up to the largest retail, banking and corporate enterprises. The upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics represents another leap forward for scalability. High-speed caching is now in place, allowing for greater interactions with and investigations of data.

The cumulative result of the range of enhancements is a very crisp and responsive customer experience that guides the creation and consumption of reports, as well as the exploration of data and the interaction with the interface.


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