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IBM Cognos Analytics and the Evolving Role of IT

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Tue June 14, 2016 07:19 AM

There’s been much discussion about IBM Cognos Analytics as a transformative tool that’s empowering business users to delve deep into company data and operate on the same analytics playing field as IT.

This leads to the question of what does IBM Cognos Analytics mean for IT? What will IT focus on and how will its role change when the myriad of data analytics requests that have clogged the IT pipeline can now be handled directly by business users?

Let there be no doubt, IBM Cognos Analytics holds great promise for IT. In fact, the impact stands to be just as game-changing for IT as it is for line of business users—opening new doors and new possibilities.

Freed from the day-to-day data analytics and business intelligence requests, IT will now be able to step back and take a holistic view of the environment. I envision IT evolving into more of a center of excellence that’s focused on ensuring performance, auditability and scalability. Within the framework of IBM Cognos Analytics, IT will serve the critical role of maintaining constant vigilance over the underlying data sources, authenticating data as trustworthy once it has undergone the appropriate governance processes. As data modules are created, IT will also take the lead in monitoring access and ensuring they are functioning as intended.

Additionally, IT will be able to provide perspective and oversight into the business intelligence inventory—monitoring how reports are being created, which reports are being run and how frequently, as well as which reports should be deleted from the system to avoid confusion or duplication.

Business leaders will continue to count on IT for support, while working hand in hand on some of the overarching data analytics processes, but ultimately, the release of IBM Cognos Analytics is enabling IT to return to its roots, setting the stage for a heightened strategic emphasis and a renewed focus on the big picture.

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