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IBM Champion Spotlight: Christoph Hein

By Namitha K posted Thu February 01, 2024 10:52 AM


Meet our Data & AI Champion Christoph Hein who has worked with TM1 for a decade! During this time, he implemented TM1 as a consultant for various companies and worked as a strategic product manager for TM1 solutions at Cubeware GmbH. He founded and managed his own software company TablonautiX GmbH, which developed software for TM1 using the rest api back in 2014. Currently he works at DB Systel, part of the Deutsche Bahn group, one of the world’s largest TM1 customers, and helps to further roll out the implementation of TM1 throughout the group. 

Besides that he is a BARC Fellow and helps to spread the love for the TM1 ecosystem via the IBM Planning Analytics with Watson guide. Christoph is a regular guest speaker on conferences and podcasts, writes papers and books and is a lecturer at various schools and universities. In-house-Consultant

Christoph became a Champion in 2022 and has been an esteemed addition to the technology community. His favourite IBM product is IBM Planning Analytics, he says: “It is the most flexible and scalable solution for any project in the field of simulation, planning and analytics”. His favorite type of  advocacy is speaking, and his fascination with TM1 technology drives him to give back to the technology community and led to becoming an IBM Champion!
He is really proud of growing the team of TM1 experts over the last three years from 8, up to 40 awesome people. If he weren’t a part of technology, then his dream job is to become a librarian!

Lightning round:

What would be your superpower and why? Equanimity; helps with everything in life

Ice cream or cake? Ice cream

Cats or dogs? Cats

Summer or winter? Summer

Morning or evening? Morning

eBook or paper book? Paper book

TV shows or movies? TV shows

A night out or a night in? Night in

Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Cannonball

Go-to karaoke song? Don’t Stop Believin’

Drive or fly? Train, obviously

Connect with Christoph in LinkedIn and Community page.