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Automatic configuration of IBM #CognosAnalytics Gateway on Microsoft Internet Information Service

By Nadine Münch posted Mon April 03, 2017 06:11 AM

The following technote automates your IIS Gateway configuration on Windows:

This blog article explains the background and steps required to use this tool successfully.

Compared to Cognos Business Intelligence 10, there are some major differences in Cognos Analytics 11 when it comes to configuring the Gateway in Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS), Apache HTTP Server and IBM HTTP Server. The web server now acts as a reverse proxy and is no longer a mandatory requirement as the application can be fully accessed through the main dispatcher URL (http(s)://ca-host:9300/bi/).

Nonetheless, there are many reasons to still require a Gateway such as Single Sign On (SSO), session load balancing and/or general infrastructure requirements such as public availability.

The Cognos Analytics documentation contains the manual steps for each of the web server.

For Apache HTTP Server and IBM HTTP Server the documentation provides an example cognos.conf configuration that can be incorporated into an existing httpd.conf.

For IIS the steps require manual configuration, as several rules need to be created. This has often resulted in misconfiguration, when the rules were improperly set or created in different order.

A small batch file is now available, which automates the configuration of IIS to support IBM Cognos Analytics. If you have a complex IIS setup, consult with your IIS administrator first. This batch file uses Microsoft's Internet Information Service's appcmd command line tool to perform the configuration and needs to run with administrator privileges. If there are any concerns on using this command or privilege level, please proceed with the manual steps.


  1. Prepare IIS. Verify that you are using a supported version of IIS and Application Request Routing for IIS to be installed

  2. Install the optional gateway component

  3. Follow the steps in this technote, which will set the correct variables, take a backup of the current IIS configuration, download the latest version of the batch file and run it.

  4. Change the Gateway URI in IBM Cognos Configuration to match the new IIS configuration, i.e. http(s)://web-host:80/ibmcognos/bi/v1/disp

  5. Access the Gateway through http(s)://web-host:80/ibmcognos/bi/

The tool is available here and is provided “as-is”.


IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.4 + with Gateway installation on Windows