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Whitelist email domains – have more control over your security!

By MOHAMMED OMAR RASHEED KHAN posted Fri January 17, 2020 10:42 AM

In a time when email accounts are prone to frequent hacking attempts, data safety becomes a major concern. After all, Cognoids usually tend to create sensitive reports, which may contain confidential data, such as financial breakdowns. Our users want to make sure these reports are secure and only sent out to emails they trust. And for some, that means only sending them out to their company email addresses.

With the release of Cognos Analytics 11.1.5, we have added the functionality to do just that! Administrators can now create a whitelist of email domains. When the “Whitelist email domains” parameter is set, emails can only be sent to the specified comma-separated list of domains.


As an example, I can set the value of the “Whitelist email domains” setting as:,, If by chance someone schedules a report and adds as one of the recipients, at run time, it will automatically be removed from the email list before it is sent. This setting is applied system-wide and secures all the emails that go out from your Cognos environment; from any dispatcher (in case you have more than one).

If you want to keep it open, you simply leave the Whitelist Email Domains list empty and any email domains can be sent a message.

Try it out now and secure your environment even further!

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Wed March 06, 2024 05:14 AM

I've just read that spaces between domain names can be an issue. So you need to change ",," to ",,".

It is listed for the following releases: 11.1.5, 11.1.6, 11.1.7, 11.2.0

Source: "Allowlist email domains" doesn't work when you enter multiple domains

Tue March 05, 2024 06:38 AM

Great feature! But can we use patterns in the restricted list. For example I know we can restrict to, but can I restrict it to * so that my users can email their MS Teams channels?