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Collaborate and share via Email with IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.3!

By MOHAMMED OMAR RASHEED KHAN posted Tue July 09, 2019 03:29 PM


In 11.1.1, we launched our integration with Slack. It was a hit with our customers so we wanted to empower even more of our users to collaborate. With Cognos Analytics 11.1.3, you can now collaborate via email which makes sharing insights, asking questions and collecting feedback even easier!


As you find something interesting during your analysis, simply click on the Share icon to get started. Select Email and you can now begin annotating a screenshot of your asset. You can annotate using a textbox, an arrow, draw using the pen, create a rectangle and even crop your screenshot before sharing. Annotation toolbar

As well, you can quickly add recipients by searching for users, groups, roles, contacts and distribution lists that exist in your authenticated namespaces. If you are logged into multiple namespaces, you will see results from all of them.

Share via Email

For easier access and to reduce the number of search requests sent to your namespaces, Cognos retains a list of the 30 most recently emailed recipients. Hit the down arrow or start typing to filter this list.

Most Recently Used List

We know a lot of you will be copying email addresses from different lists so rest assured, Cognos can parse through the delimited lists you’ll be pasting to make it easier for you to add recipients.

 Delimited List of Emails

Once you hit send, Voila! Your recipients will receive the email with the message, the asset info for context, a link to the asset and the annotated screenshot based on the options you selected before sending the email.

 Email Template


Admins - There are no extra configurations steps required to setup the Share via Email feature. If you have a mail server configured in your Cognos configuration, the Email option will automatically show up in the Share panel, its that simple!


If you want to disable it for some of your users, there is a feature customization available that allows you to selectively hide email for the roles defined in your environment.

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