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Choose your adventure - Tour IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 with a guided demo!

By MOHAMMED OMAR RASHEED KHAN posted Fri May 31, 2019 10:12 AM



"IBM is known for its powerful B2B SaaS products. Their Cognos Analytics tool is an AI-driven business intelligence solution that provides a complete, self-serve toolset for interpreting, reporting, and monitoring analytics.

Like many complex enterprise products, IBM’s Cognos Analytics can feel overwhelming to new users and successful onboarding depends on users’ ability to prioritize between a wealth of useful features. Instead of dragging users through every single feature one by one, onboarding should provide context to a few essential features—and which features you highlight should ideally be tailored to users’ needs.

And that’s exactly what the IBM team did."

"Visually, the tour contrasts just enough with the underlying interface to stand out, while retaining the look and feel of IBM Cognos Analytics’ branding. And the modal window and tooltip copy is clear, concise, and adds value to a succinct and selective onboarding experience."

See how it looks and continue reading the blog at IBM's Cognos Analytics Product Tour by ReallyGoodUX

Try it out yourself in the new Cognos Analytics trail for free or in the Multi-tenant cloud by signing up here.

Want a more in depth tutorial on the all the features of Cognos Analytics 11.1? Check out the hands-on labs here which walk you through each step in detail.

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