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IBM and PMsquare partner to help you see the bigger picture with Thrive!

By MOHAMMED OMAR RASHEED KHAN posted Tue May 07, 2019 11:31 AM


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From data prep and discovery to data visualization and collaboration, AI drives the all new IBM Cognos Analytics! Our goal is to help you hit the mark for fast and accurate decisions by turning your data into relevant insights. With great power comes great responsibility and to manage your powerful analytics solution, we are pleased to announce our business partner PMsquare’s launch of Thrive. A tool that helps you monitor what’s happening in your user environment with unparalleled visibility.


Why PMsquare Thrive?

Because Thrive helps you see the bigger picture. Ever wondered how many users use a particular report? What if it has several report views built on top of it? Thrive gives you visibility on every Cognos object, whether that be a report, report view, saved PDF, a package, data module or even an excel file so you can administer your environment based on analytics!

  • Visualize your user activity – monitor current and historic user performance, report errors encountered, and know which is the most or the least active user, report or package being used.
  • Understand your User Adoption – know which users are logged in and if they are fully leveraging data modules, dashboards, and stories and with what frequency.
  • Get Meticulous Insights with Advanced Reporting – explore any report item in granular detail with custom drillthrough reports based on each user, report or package.
  • Troubleshoot with Accuracy – know which reports are failing and for who with advanced detailed error messages.

PMsquare Thrive is available for all users on Cognos 10 as well as on Cognos Analytics (11.x), free to use with the full functionality for 30 days. No matter your objective, you can use detailed insights on user trends, errors, and adoption to tailor and improve your business’s overall performance. Sign up for your free trial now to see how Thrive can help you reach your goals. Click here to begin.


PMsquare’s relationship with IBM

As a global provider of management solution expertise, PMsquare is a Premier IBM Business Partner and a long-time advocate of Cognos. They have received the IBM Champions Award 3 times alongside several other awards as a business partner.