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Now Available on AWS: IBM Planning Analytics as a Service

By Michael McGeein posted Mon February 06, 2023 03:48 AM

A fast, flexible and AI-powered planning, analysis and reporting solution accessible for everyone, everywhere — now available on AWS.

IBM Planning Analytics as a Service is available today. This offering is a fully managed, collaborative, enterprise-scalable budgeting, planning, analytics, profitability, modeling and reporting solution.

What are the benefits?

  • Fast performance, scalability and flexibility: Instantly provision an enterprise-planning solution with zero-downtime upgrades and industry-standard SLAs that can scale with your business as you increase data volume, number of users or planning models, without impacting performance. Planning Analytics allows users to build and change plans based on business processes, illustrating a flexible and intuitive user experience that is built for you with real-world context in mind.
  • Data visualization: Uncover deep insights through robust dashboards. Create scorecards and metrics—including ad-hoc reports and compelling visualizations—to share financial metrics effectively and compare actual results to performance targets for improved financial reporting. Identify trends and drill down into data with built-in reporting and analysis capabilities.
  • What-if scenario testing: Fueled by AI, with Planning Analytics you can forecast outcomes based on evolving trends or predictive insights and perform in-depth, what-if scenario analysis to test alternative assumptions. Create personal sandboxes to compare different scenarios. See the impact of your decisions before making them.
  • Constraint-based planning: Improve operational performance. Make better, more optimal business decisions with direct integration of decision optimization. Amid ever-changing business challenges, Planning Analytics helps you make better decisions that consider how to optimally deploy your resources. Optimize scenarios with complex variables and constraints to create the decision model that can be parameterized and reused over time.
  • Predictive forecasting: Improve the accuracy and speed of your forecasts. With built-in predictive capabilities, you can identify and assess trends and seasonality patterns in historic values and use the power of algorithmic forecasting—even without data science skills—for more accurate, consistent, and timely forecasts.
  • Workflow automation: Easily manage and govern workflows to ensure a smooth and streamlined planning process. Create customized applications to manage, facilitate and increase participation and collaboration in your company’s budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes.
  • Real-time data access and in-memory database: Gain visibility into your data. All users have access to the same data and can trust in a single source of truth. The Planning Analytics OLAP in-memory database (the Planning Analytics Engine) connects directly to source data and refreshes in real-time.

How to get started with IBM Planning Analytics as a Service

Experience ease of use, scalability and fast performance with a state-of-the art, AI-infused planning, analysis and reporting solution.

Check out our documentation to get started with IBM Planning Analytics as a Service today. You can also talk to your local IBM representative or Business Partner to find out more.

To learn more about Planning Analytics as a Service and how to get started, join us on February 16, 2023, for a virtual “Ask Me Anything” session, designed to answer all your questions related to this new offering. Register here.

For additional information, you can also visit our IBM Planning Analytics as a Service site.

To request a demo of this offering, Sign up here. 

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