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What's New in Cognos 11.1.7 Dashboards!

By Matt Denham posted Thu July 30, 2020 08:33 AM


The latest release of Cognos Analytics comes in the form of a long-term supported release which means that customers can remain on this release for years to come. As such, we wanted to add the most highly requested features made by you our customers.  Check out a full demo here

With each release, we continue to invest in the crosstab visualization and with R7 we’ve dramatically improved the conditional formatting experience.   Building upon the KPI visualization added back in R4, dashboard authors can define rules or thresholds to color cells based on key business metrics.  These rules can be created using static numeric values or based on a percentage against an existing field, be it a calculation or coming directly from a source. 

We have also continued to improve upon the dashboard authoring experience by adding drop zones to visualizations themselves, which should help authors understand the types of visualizations they’d like to build, all using drag and drop gestures.


And if authors would prefer an alternative to dragging and dropping, they can now start typing manually into the data mapping panel directly, which will present all fields matching the typed text but also the table in which it resides.   

The latest release also adds some powerful enhancements to the combination (line and column) chart which includes the option to add series to both lines and columns with separate palette choices for each, and also support for measure groups so that authors could compare actuals to target measures on separate lines for example.  It also adds a property to stack the column series.


Dashboard authors can now also export visualization data to csv. From the data tray, authors can choose to export either summary or detail data.


Dashboard authors can also now leverage schematics as custom visualizations.  Schematics are tagged shapes/polygons in an SVG file, which can be a diagram representing a spatial relationship.

Authors can also create model filters as they would calculations, which can be applied to individual visualizations or the full dashboard if inserted into the filter shelf and resides in the metadata tree so that it can be reused wherever needed.
Dashboard authors can now save their dashboard layout, visualizations, colors, logos, etc as a template.  This means that when authoring new content, authors have a starting point to begin their experience which saves a lot of time.  

A ton of new properties have also been introduced:
- Smart visualization titles are on by default
- Logarithmic axis scaling
- Custom axis ranges
- Pie chart labels with values
- Bullet chart range coloring
- Show generated SQL/MDX per visualization




Tue September 22, 2020 04:48 AM

Hi Matt,
You have written "Show generated SQL/MDX per visualization". How can I do that? 
edit: found it. Have to use ctrl+.(dot)

Thu August 06, 2020 03:37 AM

Nice Article @Matt Denham. Would Conditional Formatting  (Conditional Color Palette) available For the Visualizations other than CrossTab ?

Thank You
Harun Y

Mon August 03, 2020 06:43 PM

Hey Jo Marie!  Indeed, we knew we wanted to include visualization export as part of the long-term supported release.  And we want Cognos to be the best way to visualize your trusted data, so we needed to provide a mechanism for administrators to control who is allowed to export data.  In order to deliver that (in combination with the other content) we needed to tie the administrative controls to who can see the data tray.  Definitely we plan on enhancing this moving forward by creating a capability such that administrators could define which users/groups/roles should be allowed to export visualization data (including consumers).  I'll tag your idea to our development epic for this work, so thank you!

Mon August 03, 2020 04:08 PM

The export is a great new feature, but it doesn't work on a public facing server that is consumer only.

Really need to be able to export the data from a public facing server.  I added idea, for this.

Mon August 03, 2020 04:06 PM

Is the new ability to add a filter only available for data modules?  I don't see that capability when my dashboard has a package?