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CA 11.1 Release 4 is out, what's new for Dashboards?

By Matt Denham posted Wed October 16, 2019 10:01 AM


What’s new and exciting in Cognos Analytics 11.4 for Dashboards

The latest release of CA contains a lot of dashboard features that we’re hoping will resonate with our customers. We have a number of new and exciting visualizations which dashboard authors can use to convey meaningful results to their consumers.   We’ve introduced a KPI visualization which makes it very easy to show how business results can be compared with a planned or target value. A time series entry can also be added to show a sparkline for consumers to spot trends in the result.


Another visualization that we’ve added in R4 is a waterfall chart, which provides dashboard authors with a way to present the positive and negative results of accounts in a representation they’re familiar with.


Finally, we have replaced our crosstab visualization with an entirely new design which has tons of the capabilities our users have been asking for.  You can resize individual rows and columns length and width, wrap text, drag and drop data fields directly onto rows & columns to replace existing values or even nest your values. If you’re using an OLAP data source, you can also now control whether or not you want to see suppressed NULL values.  And we aren’t done adding to the crosstab, there are many new features planned for future releases.


Cognos Analytics has also made statistical forecasting incredibly simple, with specifics found in the documentation, but for the dashboard user evaluating time series data a forecast button will appear in Line and Column visualizations, which when toggled will allow users to see future predicted values with seasonality also evaluated.


Visualization authors can now take their custom visualization code and sandbox it in Reporting and Dashboards before making the chart available for authors and consumers, and we’ve also provided a number of samples to get users started.  Now it’s extremely easy to integrate completely custom visualizations into Cognos and use them with your trusted data like I’ve done with the Sankey visualization below.

Look for more updates coming in the next release of Cognos Analytics!