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Analytics Heroes: Jakob Feldhusen (Deutsche Bahn)

By Martha Jack posted Fri September 27, 2019 03:57 PM


With billions of passengers per year, Deutsche Bahn is one of the largest railway operators around — not just in its native Germany, but across Europe and beyond. With major businesses in logistics and freight as well, the company relies on
IBM Planning Analytics to get a 360-degree view of its data, detect warning signals of problems earlier, and make decisions to address them faster.

IBM Planning Analytics is a critical reporting tool for Jakob Feldhusen, Deutsche Bahn’s Head of Systems and Processes, and Christoph Paul, tasked with digital reporting and innovation.
Feldhusen, who is responsible for the company’s 6,000 users of IBM Planning Analytics, says that because of the software, those users “can now take their time to understand what’s going on with the data.” That leads to deeper insights and better decision making.
In the video above, the pair talk about the impact IBM Planning Analytics has on Deutsche Bahn’s operations.
Paul summarizes the railway’s situation by saying, ”It’s just a very big company with many possibilities — and lots of data, of course.” That data, he adds, is “a real hidden treasure.” Deutsche Bahn mines that treasure by using IBM Planning Analytics across many planning, reporting, and forecasting functions, not only in its central operations, but in its regional lines of business as well.
Paul adds that “Planning Analytics is very easy to use. It’s high-performance. It’s agile — gives you lots of flexibility from the reporting side.”