Cognos Analytics

Get the solutions you need now, not next year

By Lulu Francois posted Thu October 17, 2019 02:14 PM


Nobody likes waiting for a good thing. Not when you were a kid waiting on your holiday presents, and not now when you want Cognos Analytics or Planning Analytics but you’ve run out of Q4 budget. Waiting, as we all know, is the worst.


So, don’t wait – get your instant gratification by taking advantage of three wish-fulfilling financing offers from IBM.


  1. Get 50% off the Cognos Analytics Premium Tier until December 31, 2019. That’s right, you can get the highest tier of Cognos Analytics for the price of the Plus Tier. Just use your local promo code when you check out.

  2. If you’re cash-strapped, check out the deferred payment Get the BA solution you want now and delay payment until first quarter of 2020. This is perfect if your budget renews at the beginning of Q1.

  3. Installment options are a good selection for SaaS users if you want to avoid a large initial funds outlay. You can rely on predictable payments every month, rather than paying up front for your BA solution.


With so many financing deals available, you’re sure to find one that fits your business. There’s no need to wait – get Cognos or Planning Analytics now and start benefitting from the best in BA.