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EXPLORE Episode 10 - Driving analytics adoption

By Lisa Chen posted Fri May 21, 2021 03:08 PM

Hi friends,

The world has changed, we know that. How did the analytics adoption change? Topics that have been consistently trending in the BI world about data governance, self-service analytics and data-driven culture (somewhat new) are still hot on the agenda. So the question is, how are these topics shifting in the virtual world? 

In the last episode, we kicked off the discussion with @Mark Lack - Strategy & Analytics Manager at Mueller Inc., and @DENNIS BUTTERA - Education Lead at IBM's Centre for Advanced Studies, about fostering data culture, analytics education, and how to incentivize BI literacy by tying it to a student's own interest. Making analytics person by learning how to pick your winning hockey team, how to effectively collaborate on your data project and many more ways you can learn about in the replay of Episode 9 here.

In our next episode, we'll take a closer look at how things have changed since the pandemic began. In 2020 when you couldn’t pop to your colleague’s table to ask for the most recent dashboard or report how did we still get our answers? We’ll talk this and other topics about the future of work with @Jeffrey Qureshy, Senior Manager of BI and Analytics at Jabil and @KASUN ATTANAPOLA, Principal Offering Manager of Cognos Analytics. 
We will chat about the importance of user governance and self-service BI where users can easily create and share insights in a managed and consistent fashion. We'll also talk about the culture shift that is needed to drive analytics adoption, virtual learning tips and tricks, and of course the newest version of Cognos – 11.2.0!
Join me and our co-host @NICK PLOWDEN on Thursday, June 3rd at 10:00 AM Eastern for another episode of Explore to discover how you can drive analytics adoption and empower your users with insights.  

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Fri June 11, 2021 03:27 AM

Hi @NICK PLOWDEN, could you please share a review link ​to Explore Episode 10?