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EXPLORE Episode 4 - Leading with Confidence

By Lisa Chen posted Tue November 24, 2020 10:41 AM

Hello friends, we're back for another episode of EXPLORE - our community livestream hosted by me - @Lisa Chen, and brought to you by IBM Business Analytics. 

You can watch the replay here.
If you've been watching the series, we continue to engage in some interesting conversations with IBMers from offering management, design, and development about all things Cognos Analytics. In our last episode I spoke with Jason Tavoularis and Daniela Danev to talk about APIs, automating changes, and how customers are embedding dashboards and widgets. We learned about the value of connections and how important it is to leverage insights throughout the organization and ensure every department has access to the information they need, when they need it. You can watch the replay here. 

In this latest episode, we chatted with @DAVID Marmer - Vice President of Offering Management for Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics, and RegTech and Fahad Osmani - Director of Design for AI Applications, to talk about what's been going on in the world of data, analytics, and AI, the way they have adapted their leadership style, and how they've kept their remote teams motivated and engaged to seek out the opportunities and overcome challenges faced in 2020. 

As we all start looking forward to 2021, it's the perfect time for us to reflect, learn, and plan to emerge with resiliency, take on new challenges, and seize the opportunities that lay ahead. I'm really looking forward to this conversation and I hope you are too.
You can watch the replay here.

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Mon December 07, 2020 05:43 AM

Could you please link the replay of this livestream? Thanks
The link in the summary resolves to Episode 3