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How to build a model in Planning Analytics - Modelling Workbench

By Lindsey Brooks posted Fri September 30, 2022 07:16 AM

There are many ways you can gain or top up knowledge of modelling (building a database) in Planning Analytics including courses and mentoring.  For those wanting something more immediately accessible, we have produced an educational guide that is free and covers an overview of the steps involved in building a model and further details on each step.  This assumes that you are using the Modelling Workbench available in Planning Analytics Workspace. 

This may also appeal to those who are currently using Architect and want to make the transition into modelling in the latest tools. It gives a good understanding of the different options available and familiarisation of the interface. 

This is available in the IBM Community library on this link:

To supplement understanding of the material, you can download the database which is referenced in the screenshots and use it to explore the modelling objects in more detail. To access this model, download from the accelerator catalog: This model can also be used as a starting point for building a more comprehensive Financial Reporting and Planning model and is fully documented. The training material could be used to support any further development to it.