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Exploring your data – Relationship diagram improvements in 11.1.3

By LEAH HOSTETLER posted Wed July 10, 2019 12:27 PM


Sometimes the strongest relationships are obvious. Want to eliminate them and learn something you didn’t know? Use the new strength slider to display relationships that might surprise you.

In previous versions of the relationship diagram, you could add weaker relationships to the default view, but it could easily become difficult to read due to the number of nodes and relationships.

In Cognos Analytics 11.1.3, we have made two improvements that help simplify the relationship diagram. The default view now shows relationships to the field of interest only. There is a checkbox allowing you to add “secondary relationships”, which brings you to the starting point of previous versions.




Secondly, instead of just increasing the number of nodes displayed, you can now specify the strength levels you are interested in. This makes the diagram much more manageable when viewing weaker relationships. The strength slider allows you to either expand the range or move the range while maintaining the same spread. Now weaker relationships are much easier to decipher.




When you move the range, stronger relationships are removed, making weaker, and perhaps surprising, relationships easier to see.

Try out the new relationship diagram with your data and see what you uncover.