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Drill-through comes to dashboards!

By KEVIN MCFAUL posted Thu March 15, 2018 10:21 PM

The 11.0.10 release of IBM Cognos Analytics introduces support for the most popular request for enhancement (RFE) across all of IBM – the ability to drill-through from a dashboard to report.  It is now an easy task to author a drill-through that passes the context of a dashboard visualization to an authored report.

The new drill-through button, available when you click on a visualization, can be used to execute one of the drill-through definitions associated with a visualization, or it can be used to create, edit, or delete them.

Defining a drill-through for a visualization involves selecting a target report and then choosing which columns available in the context of the visualization will have their values passed to the target report.  The default name of a drill-through can be changed and, as a convenience, a single drill-through created for a single visualization can be applied to all visualizations based on the same data source in a dashboard.

The entire context of a dashboard is taken into account in determining the values which are passed to a target report, prioritizing the values selected in the selected visualization, the values selected in visualizations in the same group, and, finally, the values in the filter tabs.

The new drill-through experience is uncomplicated and straightforward to use – you will quickly be enabling the ability to drill-through to reports to surface the details behind your favorite dashboards.

You spoke, we listened – drill-though has now come to dashboards.