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#Cognos Analytics 11.0.9 supports Planning Analytics’ Subsets

By KEVIN MCFAUL posted Fri December 22, 2017 08:24 AM

Subsets defined in a TM1 database of Planning Analytics are now exposed in Cognos Analytics software. While authoring a dashboard or a report, you will find the subsets in the hierarchy for which they were defined by the TM1 database administrator.

In the following screen capture from the 11.0.9 dashboard and report authoring interfaces, the highlighted object in the tree, Europe, is a subset.

The subsets will appear for both data modules and packages as long as the connection was from Planning Analytics (subsets do not appear for TM1 data source connections).

Authors can drag and drop the subsets into a visualization to populate an axis with all the members (elements) from the subset. When you open a saved report or dashboard, this visualization will reflect the current state of the subset such that any recently added members will appear in the visualization.

Subsets used in a report behave identically to using any other type of set -- including a level or a set expression calculation. You can use subset as a slicer to filter the values of a crosstab or visualization by the members of the subset.

Dashboards offer some interesting filter options with subsets. If you use a subset in the filter dock area as shown in the following screen capture, associated visualizations will be filtered by all the members of the subset by default. You can then filter on individual members from the subset as per the subsequent screen capture. This also true of using a subset as a local filter of a visualization.

11.0.9 has a known issue affecting dashboards only whereby you cannot drill down on a member of a subset. This is expected to be resolved in 11.0.10.