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#Cognos Analytics 11.0.8: What’s new in storytelling

By KEVIN MCFAUL posted Thu November 02, 2017 11:16 PM

With the release of Cognos Analytics 11.0.8 we are pleased to bring new capabilities to help create compelling stories that communicate your message and findings with (or without) you being present.

Highlight at point in time
With 11.0.7, we introduced the Animated Path capability, allowing you to resize and move items on the canvas from one scene to another in order to keep it visible as a reference while focusing on another visualization.

In 11.0.8 we introduce the ability to highlight a point in time so you can apply highlights at specific times. This capability follows the same method as if you were to select an item manually, meaning that if the item is present on a visualization it will be highlighted, if it is not present then it will act as a filter.
As you can imagine this provides a lot of flexibility in how you tell your story

Kiosk Mode
With a story you may want to have the ability to set it and forget it -- whether this is in an office lobby or on a production floor. Now, with Kiosk mode you canhave the system play through all scenes and loop.

Play through differs from the normal playback mechanism where a scene would play to the end and you would need to manually move to the next scene which would start playing. Now, with this latest release, you push play once and the story will unfold before you. If you have enabled looping it will continue to play through all the scenes until someone stops it.
This does mean that if the data underlying the story is changing that the story will update to reflect this.