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Cognos Analytics Mapping enhancements in 11.0.6

By KEVIN MCFAUL posted Fri March 17, 2017 03:57 PM

Multiple admin boundary and postal code support with the integration of Pitney Bowes Polygons

Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 saw the introduction of our integration with MapBox that provided highly scalable vector maps with street-level detail. With 11.0.6, we have integrated Pitney Bowes polygons that enables users to visualize their geospatial data across multiple admin boundaries and postal codes. Users can now visualize data across multiple geospatial hierarchies from Countries, states, cities down to municipalities, precincts and cantons, etc.

To disambiguate regions (cities, counties etc.) with similar place names 11.0.6 maps introduced an additional ‘Refine Regions’ data slot. When adding a refinement region users must always try to add the applicable next level parent: For example, the refinement for City should be State/Province. Using a Country refinement on City is not recommended. If the data being visualized is at a National level then a refinement region is not required.

If we were unable to successfully resolve place names you will now see a yellow “!” sign at the top right of the map . Clicking on this sign will list any remaining ambiguous and unrecognized locations. It’s important to note that all ambiguous locations will still be mapped using inbuilt smarts to be consistent with the rest of your data. Unrecognized locations however, will not be mapped in 11.0.6. In a future release users will be able to resolve these ambiguities and unrecognized regions via an intuitive User Interface.

11.0.6 includes many additional map styles that will allow you to create compelling geospatial visualizations that will be consistent with your overall dashboard theme. These map styles could be accessed via the properties pane.

For more details on the enhancements to mapping in Cognos Analytics release 11.0.6 refer to the following document. Stay tuned for more compelling capabilities and features in upcoming releases!