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Customizing IBM #Cognos Analytics in 11.0.4

By KEVIN MCFAUL posted Fri September 16, 2016 03:16 PM

Have you ever wanted to do more with the IBM Cognos Analytics User Interface?

In the latest release of Cognos Analytics 11.0.4, you can customize the IBM Cognos Analytics interface to suit the needs of your organization.

The IBM Cognos Analytics user interface is built on an extensible model. In this model, the user interface screens are defined as views (such as home, authoring, dashboard, and modelling). You can customize these views by adding and removing user interface elements, such as buttons and menus as well as define new views to extend the Cognos Analytics user interface.

You can replace the default home and sign-in views. You can substitute your own theme (colors, logos, and brand text) for the default theming on all views.

Customizations can be exported/imported as deployments. Customizations are packaged as zip archives that contain a spec.json file that defines the customization. The zip archive may also contain other files (i.e., javascript, css, and image), depending on the type of the customization. For additional information on how to create extensions and themes check this link.

You can manage customization through the manage area of the system. This panel allows you to upload your customizations, theme, extensions, welcome and login view to the Cognos Analytics server, and to select which customizations to use.

Customization samples are available that demonstrate how to create themes, extensions, and views. You can modify these samples to create your own customizations. These samples are shipped out of the box and when you install IBM Cognos Analytics server, these samples are installed in sub-folders of /samples. For more information on Samples please see Customization Samples Blog.

If an uploaded extension or view contains errors, it may render IBM Cognos Analytics unusable. In this case, you can run Cognos Analytics with customized extensions and views disabled.

Invoke Cognos Analytics by typing the URL :/bi/?factoryMode=true.

Client Logging
A client logging facility is been added under preferences to enable logging of javascript code and to understand the javacsript anomalies that are not detectable from server environment. When active and set to an appropriate log level, log statements will be sent to the browser console (either the log, debug or which ever trace you enable) and can be used to debug and see where things go off. For additional information on managing logging levels check this link.

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