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Cloud Pak for Data Cognos Analytics 4.5, it's ready for your organization now !

By GREG MCDONALD posted Fri August 26, 2022 10:42 AM

Enterprises are collecting data from diverse sources at a faster pace than ever. Coupled with unparalleled computing capacity, better algorithms and affordable storage, the innovative and disruptive power of data is accelerating. However, despite massive investment, data silos still persist. Research shows that up to 68%¹ of data is not analyzed in most organizations and up to 82%² of enterprises are inhibited by data silos. To become a fully data-driven and innovative enterprise, you need to utilize an integrated data strategy and architecture. That is where IBM's Data Fabric comes in. 

Our Data Fabric solutions deployed on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, simplify data complexity through automating data integration, data governance, and data consumption. Cloud Pak for Data is IBM’s integrated data and AI platform. With the ability to run anywhere, including IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform and connect to data everywhere, IBM Cloud Pak for Data accelerates AI-powered digital transformation, while unleashing unlimited productivity and reducing data complexity. As a single, unified platform, Cloud Pak for Data spans the entire data and analytics lifecycle with data governance built-in.
Now, I'm excited to introduce Cognos Analytics deployed on Cloud Pak for Data. It is a containerized solution that runs on Red Hat OpenShift and integrates with the entire suite of data, AI and analytics services that can be deployed on Cloud Pak for Data.  This allows users to easily connect and integrate services such as Watson Knowledge Catalog with Cognos Analytics for intelligent data cataloging, backed by active metadata and policy management.  Further, with Cognos Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data, users can have access to the same capabilities, including Dashboards, Explorations and Managed Reporting. One way we accomplish this is with Watson Query (previously Data Virtualization), which allows Cognos Analytics users access to a single view of disparate data sources.  Through Watson Query, users can have access to both native and non-native data sources inside Cognos Analytics, releasing an extended list of data assets for Cognos Analytics users.  

Scalability, resiliency and availability are also key tenets to our Cognos Analytics strategy on Cloud Pak for Data.  Cognos Analytics containerization on Cloud Pak for Data allows organizations access to pixel perfect reporting along with scheduling, bursting, and all your mass delivery requirements to be realized, while also meeting strict SLA requirements. And let's not forget about Cognos embedded Dashboards and Exploration features, which every organization needs to help visualize your data.

With Cognos Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data you are investing in a modern containerized platform that is built for today and the future. New resources can be added instantly as your business needs grow, while saving you time and money with a containerized application that allows for easy installation to meet any analytics requirement in your organization. By leveraging the power of a fully integrated data and AI hybrid cloud platform, you can spin up new services as required, including adding in Watson Knowledge Catalog for data governance or Watson Studio to automate your AI/ML development lifecycle needs and even Watson Query for instant data virtualization. Ultimately, Cognos Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data supports all of your data access, quality and analytics needs in one integrated platform.
Test out Cognos Analytics on Cloud Pak for Data today, including installing the solution via the AWS Marketplace!  Provisioning Cognos Analytics has never been easier, taking minutes instead of days. It's also single sign-on, which means you can move between services without having to log-in multiple times. Let us know how it goes and we look forward to working with you on your data, AI and analytics journey!