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Requesting access and managing authorized support contacts in the IBM Support Community

By FRASER ANDERSON posted Tue May 22, 2018 01:26 PM

As we transition to the new IBM Support Community at you might have questions about the different capabilities available to users in the community and how their access to those capabilities can be managed.

The good news is that your own organization can manage your users and their level of access. And from a user perspective this is largely done through self-service capabilities, often built right in to the community.

Anyone familiar with the process for requesting access and managing authorized support contacts through the IBM Service Request tool that we have used for many years to support our on-premises software and hardware will see little change. But things are quite different for those who have only ever known the now discontinued IBM Client Success Portal where we used to provide support for many of our on-cloud services.

Please review the document IBM Support Community: Requesting access and managing authorized support contacts for an overview of:

    • the user roles and their associated capabilities in the IBM Support Community;

    • how a user can request access to the IBM Support Community in a given role or request an upgrade to a higher role;

    • how Administrators (the client's Site Technical Contact and their delegates) can access the User administration application embedded into the IBM Support Community to manage their authorized support contacts, auto-approve rules, and more;

    • how a site's Primary Passport Advantage contact can change the Site Technical Contact through the Passport Advantage Online (PAO) portal;

    • and what to do if the site's Primary Passport Advantage contact has left the organization.