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Export & Burst to Excel from #Planning Analytics Workspace

By CHARLIE LE posted Fri October 20, 2017 12:00 AM

The death of the spreadsheet is much exaggerated. For all the power of Planning Analytics, sometimes you just need to get your data into a spreadsheet. This can be especially useful for printing multiple slices of the same view or providing data for input to another process.

Starting in Planning Analytics update 26, getting your views into Excel could not be easier.

On any view, click the toolbar and select the first button.

If you also use Watson Analytics, that export option is also available. Excel is a new addition to this dialog

Burst It

By default, you'll get the version of the view currently displayed in the book

The power of the export is in the ability to burst multiple versions of the view based on the context.

You can choose multiple contexts to export up to 99 separate versions or "slices" of the view.

They can appear as multiple tabs in a single Excel file or as a file per slice in a zip file. In both cases the files are saved to your browser's download folder and saved with the name of the view and any slice information. 

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