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Customizing IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

By DAVID CUSHING posted Mon October 21, 2019 09:30 PM


Customizing IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

With the recent upgrade to version 11.1.4, it is now possible to customize an IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud account.


As shown in the screen capture above, users now have many different ways of customizing their IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud account.  You can find documentation on customizations here.

Note, however, that it is not possible in IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud to manage user profiles.

With version 11.1.4, some new customization capabilities are available:

  • The as_of_date parameter can be used to define the reference point for relative time based on calendars added to data modules. Go to this link for further information.
  • You can now add customized visualizations to IBM Cognos Analytics. Go to this link for further information.

    Standard tier users are only able to use custom visualizations.  Plus users can develop custom visualizations, and Premium users can manage custom visualizations.  This means that only Premium users will see the ‘Custom Visuals’ tab in the ‘Customization’ panel.

If you open the Extensions tab, you will notice a collection of System extensions:


These System extensions are deployed by IBM to provide some of the features of IBM Cognos Analytic on Cloud that are not part of the on-premises or cloud dedicated versions of the product.

Although you may be presented with the option to download these extensions, you will be unable to do so. The behaviour when you try to download one of these extensions is browser specific.  If you upload your own extension with the same name, it will not overwrite the System extension, but create a new extension within your account.