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Your guide to the IBM Planning Analytics with Watson ecosystem

By Christoph Hein posted Sat December 10, 2022 08:04 AM


IBM Planning Analytics is a fantastic product. We all love it! There is one primary reason why it continues to be so successful, I want to write about today.  It is the openness of the product.

  • You can connect to your TM1 database with various frontends besides the ones from IBM.
  • You can build standardised applications, which can be reused for different customers .
  • You can integrate it into a modern data pipeline via the awesome rest api.

That lead to a whole TM1 ecosystem, which is driven by the ingenuity of all those TM1 fans out there. To give those solutions a place to shine, I, in cooperation with BARC and IBM, created the IBM Planning Analytics with Watson guide. Check it out! It is free and communitydriven[]

The guide will be your onestopshop for the whole tm1 ecosystem. For starters we have a browser for additional software and pre-built content in the ecosystem and one to find a service partner to help you out. We included a list of curated links as well. There we want to collect all TM1 related content all over the internet. This can be helpful blog posts or videos. But we want to add pieces of TM1 history as well.

Since the whole content will be curated by me to ensure the highest quality, do not expect an immediate update after you added something. Give me some time to review it. Normally about a day.

Let me know what you think about the project in the comments or reach out via DM. I will post about the guide, which is a project close to my hearth, more often in the future. 

This whole thing is only possible thanks to our sponsors. Give them some love!

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A snapshot of the service partner browser of the pa guide