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Getting started in Planning Analytics Trial

By CHARLIE LE posted Fri November 22, 2019 11:25 AM

Congratulations on signing up for IBM Planning Analytics Trial! IBM Planning Analytics is a powerful, yet easy to use cloud solution that will help you overcome the common frustrations of using spreadsheet based processes for planning and analysis.

Planning Analytics Trial allows you to use IBM Planning Analytics and its features, all in a free, no download, 30-day trial.

Here are some videos to help you get started on using Planning Analytics Trial:

Welcome to the Planning Analytics Trial

This short video will give you a detailed tour of the key capabilities, letting you know where to start, how to navigate, and how to get help. In addition, you will also gain a familiarity with the user interface.

Welcome to the Planning Analytics Trial video

Getting help and support

There are a number of ways to get help and support. In addition to these videos, the template tutorials have built-in content or direct links to content that are related to the task at hand. Watch this video to see all of the ways you can get help and support in Planning Analytics Trial.



Planning Analytics Trial contains a selection of samples, that is designed to demonstrate how IBM Planning Analytics can be used to solve a variety of business use cases. Watch this video to see how you can access and use these samples.


Guided tutorials

Planning Analytics Trial includes guided tutorials, which are hands-on experiences that walk you through common scenarios. The guided tutorials have been designed to help you to understand the key capabilities of IBM Planning Analytics. This video will show where to find the guided tutorials, and how to use them.


Navigating your tutorial

The guided tutorials in Planning Analytics Trial contain navigation options that are built into the tutorials. These navigation options can help you to move between books and between tasks within a book. This video shows you how to use the navigation options and where they can be found.


Start from scratch

If you've completed the tutorials and you don't see your business problem represented in the template library, you can choose to build your own plan. This video shows you how you can begin building your own plan from scratch.


Quota - Seats, users, and databases

The Quota icon allows you to see a summary of the capacity available in Planning Analytics Trial. You can also access a management screen that enables you to control the allocation of seats and databases. Watch this video to see how you can access and set options in the management screen.


Deleting your projects

As you explore Planning Analytics Trial, creating templates or your own plans, you may find yourself in a situation when you no longer want the projects that you have created. This video takes you through how you can delete your projects and free up some space.


Understanding databases and your projects

By now, you have probably created a few projects, either using templates or by exploring the guided tutorials. You may be wondering what happens under the hood when you do that. This video explains the process of deploying a template tutorial, as well as the impact on databases, folders, and your database quota.