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How to build a custom workflow using Data Reservation in Planning Analytics Workspace

By CHARLIE LE posted Tue April 02, 2019 01:31 PM

You can build custom workflows to set up and manage work processes, defining procedural rules, such as who can edit data and whether changes to data need to be approved.

In this video demonstration, we'll set up two users:
  • Bob, a finance user who does planning for his team
  • The performance manager (PM), who needs to approve any changes to the plan that Bob makes

We'll set up a custom workflow, using Data Reservation, which will allow Bob to make and submit changes to a plan. We'll also set up the custom workflow to require approval from PM for any changes.

Watch and follow along in the video below to see from start to finish how a custom workflow can be created:

For more information on Data Reservations, see Using Data Reservations.
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