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Getting started formatting Dynamic Reports in #Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

By CHARLIE LE posted Wed June 28, 2017 10:53 AM

Do you find formatting new and existing data from your organization too complex?

Dynamic Reports are an excellent way to modify data in IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel. You can use Dynamic Reports to format and visualize your organization's data for optimized performance.

The formatting in a Dynamic Report is specified by format definitions within the format range. You can change the formatting of a Dynamic Report by editing the cell format, adding new format definitions or modifying existing format definitions.

By default, the format range is hidden.

Before you can create new format definitions or modify the default format, you must reveal the format range.

The following video shows you how to reveal the format range and how to modify existing format definitions in Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel.

Open the full tutorial in YouTube and follow along with the product documentation.

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