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Subscribe to fix list updates for #Planning Analytics Workspace and #Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

By CHARLIE LE posted Mon May 29, 2017 04:11 PM

Want to be notified of Fix List updates for new releases of Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel? All you have to do is subscribe!

    1. Go to the My Notifications page (

    1. Sign in with your IBMid.

    1. In the Product lookup box, type planning ana
      Tip: You don’t have to complete the name. A list of products that contain the letters you typed so far appears.

    1. Beside IBM Planning Analytics, click Subscribe.

    1. In the Select document types box, select Product information and publications.

    1. Clear the check boxes for any document types that you aren’t interested in.

    1. Click Submit.

    1. To change the frequency or format of your subscribed emails, click Delivery preferences in the top right of the page.

    1. When the Fix List is updated, you will be notified by email.

Important note to our Planning Analytics on Cloud customers

As a Planning Analytics on Cloud customer, the way you receive new releases of Planning Analytics Workspace, including defect fixes, is different than the way you receive new releases of Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel. This is because Planning Analytics Workspace is a cloud-based component, while Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel is client-based.

    • You receive a new release of Planning Analytics Workspace immediately, with no downtime.

    • You are not forced to consume every release of Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel. The latest installer is provided to customers roughly every quarter, but should you wish to receive a newer release of Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel as shown in the Fix List, please contact IBM Support.

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