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Improve your Line and Column visualizations with the Share vertical axis range property

By Brian Toohey posted Fri May 24, 2019 11:56 PM

By default, Line and Column visualizations use separate vertical axis value ranges for the two measures in a visualization. In some circumstances when your visualization contains two similar measures, this can result in a visualization that, while accurate, does not provide a clear visual depiction of your data.

For example, this Line and Column visualization shows Actual (green line) and Budget (blue columns) measure values across three months. The Budget vertical axis range is 0 - 7,000, while the Actual vertical axis range is 0 - 10,000. The visualization accurately portrays Actual and Budget values; for any given month, the Actual values are greater than the Budget values. However, a quick glance at the visualization implies that the Budget values exceed Actual values, because the vertical axis value ranges differ. The chart is technically accurate, but visually confusing.

Visualization with separate vertical axis value ranges

You can alleviate this confusion by using the Share vertical axis range property. When you enable this property for the visualization, the Actual and Budget measures use the same vertical axis value range (in this example, 0 - 10,000). The result is a visualization that clearly shows Actual values exceeding Budget values in every month.

Visualization with shared vertical axis range values
To apply the Share vertical axis range property:
  1. Ensure that you are in edit mode. The pencil icon near the upper left of the workspace looks like this
    when you are in edit mode: pencil icon in Edit modeIf you're not in Edit mode, click the pencil icon.
  2. Click anywhere on the Line and Column visualization.
  3. Click the Properties icon:properties icon
  4. Enable the Share vertical axis range property:properties pane with Share vertical axis range enabled
Note that the Share vertical axis range property applies only to Line and Column visualizations. You can't enable this property for any other visualization type.

To learn more about visualizations in Planning Analytics Workspace, see Visualizations on IBM Knowledge Center.