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Visualization changes in Planning Analytics Workspace

By Brian Toohey posted Mon August 06, 2018 06:38 PM


Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.35 introduces a new column-based visualization model that simplifies the creation of charts and other visualizations.

IMPORTANT: The initial introduction of the column-based visualization model in 2.0.35 can be enabled or disabled by your administrator. This allows your administrator to mange when and how new features are introduced into your environment. By default, the column-based visualization model is disabled in 2.0.35.

When the column-based model is enabled by an administrator, any existing views will open as they were last saved and will behave as in previous versions. However, as soon as you attempt to modify an existing visualization or create a new visualization, the new column-based model is enforced. With the future release of Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.38, the column-based visualization model will be enabled in all environments by default.

Prior to 2.0.35, visualizations required a defined measures dimension and frequently required very specific view configuration to present data as anything other than an Exploration (grid).

In the new column-based visualization model, columns are always treated as measures, while row members are categories. If your view contains a defined measures dimension, it is ignored for visualization purposes.

The number of stacked dimensions on the row axis and the number of columns in your view determine which visualizations can be displayed. Only the visualizations that can be displayed for the current view configuration are shown in the Change visualization list.

For all view configurations, the following image illustrates which visualizations can be displayed, based on the number of columns and row dimensions.

Grid showing visualizations available by view configuration

For full details on using visualizations in Planning Analytics Workspace, see Visualizations on IBM Knowledge Center.