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Getting your numbers in just got easier in April 2018 Update of Planning Analytics

By Archive User posted Fri April 27, 2018 04:14 PM

This update improves the copy-paste support to allow for rows and columns to be duplicated and for single values to be pasted into a range. Your long column headers also get a word wrap to free up some screen width.

Row, Column and Range Copy & Paste

Workspace has supported copy/paste since its introduction, but copying and pasting has some subtle variants. Users expect to be to paste not just single values but whole rows and columns of data, or take a single value an paste it across a range of cells. These are features users know and expect from spreadsheets and they use them every day for fast data entry. Now they are available on Workspace. Making it easier to copy within Workspace and from your spreadsheets. When possible Planning Analytics Workspace will even paste a small range into a larger one, repeating it across that range.

Copy One Cell...

...and Paste Across a Range

Data limitations

Because PA Workspace loads data as it need it, copying an entire column or row may require it to request more data from the server. In this case, you'll see a progress dialog. There are limits to what can be copied and pasted. You can't copy the entire database. Workspace will stop you at 65,536 cells.

Column/row header wrapping

Not every column of data can be described in a couple of characters. Sometimes your account names, measures and entities need a few more letters and a little space. Those long headings now automatically wrap, so you can resize your columns and get more data on screen

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