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Drill-through in PA Workspace

By Archive User posted Thu August 24, 2017 09:51 AM

The numbers in your performance management dashboards are often the summary of numerous more detailed data points. When a number catches your attention a drill through to detail helps explain where the number comes from.

Drill-Through targets are set up in the Model

Drill Through is a long-standing TM1 capability. It has been supported by traditional TM1 UIs like TM1 Web for some time.  Since its August 14th 2017 release, Planning Analytics Workspace exposes those same drill through capabilities in Workspace views and books. Any existing drill through targets will automatically appear in PA Workspace. For information on defining drill through targets, see the Knowledge Base.

For a cell that has a drill defined, the drill through targets will appear on the right-click Menu.

Drill through targets can be another TM1 View or a relational query underlying sources.

The drill through result appears in a pop-up window with the context passed from the source cell.

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