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Tables Meant for Reporting

By Archive User posted Mon April 10, 2017 09:11 AM


Exploration to Reporting

Planning Analytics Workspace has always included information rich tables that support exploration and analysis. Green and gray cell fills identify calculations and consolidations that don't support writeback. Indents and +/- indicators help users understand levels of the hierarchy for expanding and collapsing. While these features facilitate understanding the structure and source of the data, for reporting users they can be a distraction.

Now you can turn these report features off and on to create tables that are better suited to dashboards and reporting.

To find out more about formatting tables, see this video:

New Table Style

A new table style removes the banded gray and white rows, leaving you with a simple uncluttered table of numbers well-suited to financial reports. Change any table to this style by selecting it in Edit mode and choosing the new table style (third from the left) in the Table style properties.

Toggle Exploration Features Off and On

In any table style, including existing ones, you can disable Exploration features. Again, select the the table and this time choose Exploration features from the properties menu. You can turn cell coloring by data state, indents and +/- indicators off or on selectively. Changes are reversible; you can revert back at any time. Report authors may want to keep the features on while you are working with data and them turn them off to present a clean clear report to your users.

Plays Nicely with Backgrounds

Like chart visualizations, the new table style reacts to the background it's placed against. If the table background is a dark color or if it's transparent but on a dark sheet, the text color will automatically flip to white. On light backgrounds the text is black. This is especially obvious when you are building dashboards or compound reports with highly saturated colors.

Part of the Planning Analytics April 8 Update

These table options were delivered in the April 8 2017 update to Planning Analytics. For a full list of changes, see the Feature Updates in the Knowledge Center.
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