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Top 5, Bottom 10, Top Whatever (New in Planning Analytics April 2017)

By Archive User posted Sun April 09, 2017 07:09 PM


Top Filters Available in April 8th 2017 Planning Analytics Update

Planning Analytics now includes a handy Top or bottom filter capability to allow you to narrow your focus to those top performers or troublesome underperformers. It's one of a flurry of features that arrived in the April 8th 2017 update. For a full list of changes, see the Feature Updates in the Knowledge Center.

You can watch this video to see the filter in action:

Crucial insights, simple gestures

MDX savvy report builders could always figure out a way to create filters with complex MDX. Now the ability is available to us mere mortals with a few clicks.

In any table, just select the column or row you want to filter from and choose Top or bottom filter from the context menu.

Top / Bottom, Sum, Percentage, Count

You can choose to show the Top members or the Bottom members from that column. You aren't limited to a simple top count of members. There are three ways to choose your top items:

    1. Choose the number of Members you want to see.

    1. Choose to see the members that add up to the Sum you enter.

    1. Choose to show a certain top or bottom percent of the members.

Find Top Contributors with Top Sum

Top Sum may be the most powerful of these options. Rather than picking an arbitrary number of items to show, you can filter for contribution to a sum. For example, by filtering for the first 5 million of sales, you get the biggest contributors to sales regardless of whether that is 3, 8, or 10 items.

Lowest Level Only

To make sure you are comparing apples to oranges, instead of apples to all fruit, the filter is applied to the lowest level in each of the nested rows or columns. In our example here, we have Region and Model dimensions on rows, so our results will be a combination of the country and model. This isn't necessarily the leaf level of your dimension. To filter on consolidation levels, just make sure it's the lowest level in your report.

This feature is available starting with the April 8, 2017 update of Planning Analytics. For a full list of new features in this and previous updates, check the New Features list in the IBM Knowledge Center. For more details on how to use Top / Bottom features, refer to the User Guide topic.


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