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Video: Mapping and Geospatial Visualization in Cognos Analytics

By Archive User posted Wed March 01, 2017 04:36 AM


Data is most valuable when it connects to the real world. Too often, it’s difficult to understand how massive spreadsheets relate to real-world events in a particular time and place.

That’s where geospatial mapping capabilities can help. By making the connection between a particular data point and its relevance to the real world, mapping makes it far easier to see large-scale trends, local phenomena and change over time. Organizations such as commercial entities, governments, utilities and service agencies can quickly gain a broad, yet in-depth, understanding of phenomena including crime, fires, service requests, equipment malfunctions and more. Maps areas can be as broad as a country or as detailed as a street and can include multiple layers of information such as terrain, administrative boundaries, sales territories and more.

With Cognos Analytics, you get all the power of an enterprise-ready mapping solution, but without the complexity. Thanks to built-in intuitive data discovery and intelligent self-service dashboarding, even inexperienced users can quickly start mapping their data and deriving new insights. Geospatial insights can be integrated into reports for easy sharing throughout the organization.

To learn more about mapping capabilities in IBM Cognos Analytics, check out the presentation replay here.