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Generation Now: Analytics Evolves

By Archive User posted Mon November 07, 2016 02:19 AM

We’re driving from descriptive and diagnostic into unbiased decision with analytics always serving as the ‘engine’ underneath it all.   Join me on November 10th at 11AM ET (15:00 GMT) to learn more.   Register here.

The rise of cognitive systems marks the birth of a new era for analytics. Cognitive capabilities take analytics to the next level, fundamentally changing how systems are built and interact with humans. Although still in its infancy, cognitive computing is already being operationalized by a small group of visionaries around the globe.

During our webcast, we’ll present the latest research on who are the leaders preparing for cognitive.  Our findings from our seventh annual analytics study indicates close to three-fourths of organizations are ready – at least from a data and analytics standpoint – to follow these leaders. However, joining the cognitive era also requires the right data mindset, a robust data ecosystem, and new and enhanced skills.

Like human beings, cognitive systems are always learning and evolving and therefore your journey should begin simply but can move quickly.   If you’re wondering what it takes to be ready, join us on November 10th at 11AM ET (15:00 GMT).  Register here.