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IBM Cognos #Analytics: Advancements in report authoring and consumption

By Akshata Pai posted Fri October 07, 2016 05:21 AM


Blog editor’s note: Rachel Su and Tod Creasey will be leading a session that takes a deeper look at Cognos Analytics and data reporting at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016. Join us in Las Vegas, October 24-27 for this session and many other exciting activities. Learn more here.

Effective reporting is about more than sophisticated data mining and analytics tools. It requires a smart business intelligence solution that can help users understand what they want to convey with their data, and then generate clear, compelling visualizations. That’s the core purpose of business intelligence.

But even more importantly, the value of reporting goes up as more people within your organization can make their own reports. If reporting is a specialist activity, limited to a few experts within the IT department, then getting the reports you need will always be a bottleneck and it will be very difficult to find timely insights.

Fortunately, the new generation of smarter self-service business intelligence solutions is designed to make reporting available to virtually anyone within your organization. Cognos Analytics has a leading role in this space, combining an accessible user experience and powerful automation features with enterprise-grade data validation and oversight capabilities.

The appearance of reports — the actual visual appearance of your data analysis — seems like it should be the least important part of the reporting process. If the information is good, that should be the only criterion, right? But anyone who has worked in the reporting space knows that reports are judged by their appearance all of the time. An ugly or confusing report may be dismissed out of hand, even though it contains valuable insights about your data. Cognos Analytics has a long track record of high quality analytic insight, but it doesn’t neglect the cosmetic aspect of the reporting process either. Built-in templates and automated report generation tools are designed to help even novice users produce great-looking and consumable reports quickly and reliably.

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