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Mastering Cognos Analytics dashboards

By Akshata Pai posted Tue October 04, 2016 05:47 AM


Blog editor’s note: Nicolas Leduc, the author of this blog, will be leading a session that takes a deeper look at IBM Cognos Analytics and self-service dashboards at IBM World of Watson 2016. Join us in Las Vegas, October 24-27 for this session and many other exciting activities. Learn more here.

Maybe your company has a person that you go to for analytics advice. This person has been working with analytics forever — maybe even since the 1990s — and knows just what to do to prepare different kinds of data, set up analytics queries, understand the significance of the findings and package the results in a pretty format. This person is the analytics maven, the expert, the oracle who can get the most out of your company’s analytics technology.

With the self-service dashboard features in IBM Cognos Analytics, you can be that person. And with the right training, it can happen more quickly than you think.

Using an analytics solution no longer requires years of hard-won experience. IBM Cognos Analytics has sophisticated capabilities embedded into the solution in the form of automated features. This means you can use smart intent-based search other intuitive methods to interact with your data. The solution can interpret what you’re looking for, join data sources in a sensible way, guide you towards insights and help you visualize and share the results. Automated dashboard features and lots of prebuilt templates mean that you can apply dashboards to your data very quickly.

The practical upshot of all this technology is that the right IBM Cognos Analytics training can also be quick training. In just a few minutes, you can master the use of analytic dashboards in IBM Cognos Analytics — and start generating results that will impress your colleagues and bosses.

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