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In just ten minutes you can be creating dashboards with IBM Cognos Analytics

By Akshata Pai posted Mon October 03, 2016 01:33 PM


Blog editor’s note: Dale Forman, the author of this blog, will be leading a session that takes a deeper look at IBM Cognos Analytics and self-service dashboards at IBM World of Watson 2016. Join us in Las Vegas, October 24-27 for this session and many other exciting activities. Learn more here.

Less than 10 minutes to create fully interactive dashboards. This seems incredible, but it’s true—virtually any user can start using IBM Cognos Analytics and build rich, insightful dashboards within minutes.

This is only possible because of the new capabilities that are integrated throughout IBM Cognos Analytics. Users don’t need to spend hours or days formatting, cleaning and assembling data. And there’s no need to build and refine a complex data model before you can start gaining insights. Instead, smart features quickly guide you through the steps of shaping data into a powerful dashboard:

  • Connect to a variety of data sources in a variety of formats—including uploaded files and networked databases

  • Use smart intent-based search to identify relevant data

  • Build a powerful, shareable data modules and dashboards

In fact, the third step is sometimes unnecessary—the intent based search features can automatically build dashboards as you work.

Cognos Analytics is designed to help virtually anyone analyze data and build great-looking data visualizations and dashboards. Lots of analytics solution providers are making similar claims at the moment—there are many solutions on the market that can help you create a pretty visualization of some data. But unlike competing products, Cognos Analytics rests on a proven foundation of enterprise-class technology and full reporting capabilities, and is built to meet the visualization and reporting needs of the entire enterprise, from the line-of-business user to the data compliance officer.  Flashy visualizations are great, but they’re only valuable if the solution that creates them can support users throughout the whole organization, and the data that underpins them is robust and reliable.

To know more about dashboard creation, join us for Session 2407 - In just 10 minutes you can be creating dashboards with Cognos Analytics at IBM World of Watson. After the session, meet Dale and get a personal walk-through of Cognos Dashboards and Data Modules at the IBM Analytics Lab Services booth in the Exhibition Hall.

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