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Creating a data-driven culture with smarter, self-service BI

By Akshata Pai posted Mon September 26, 2016 06:17 AM


Blog editor’s note: Nickolus Plowden will be leading a session that takes a deeper look at Cognos Analytics and self-service BI at IBM World of Watson 2016. Join us in Las Vegas, October 24-27 for this session and many other exciting activities. Learn more here.

The value of analytics is clear: finding insights in enormous amounts of previously untapped data, then helping organizational leaders base their decisions on facts, rather than feelings. Analytics technology continues to improve at tremendous speeds.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about making business intelligence solutions smarter — more able to understand and deliver what users want – easy-to-use analytics software. It’s about analytic usability, not just capability.

This aspect of the field is at least as impressive and important as sheer improvements in analytic technology. Traditional BI involved IT-heavy, data-scientist-led data analysis efforts. It could produce valuable insights, but required a large footprint of specialists and was not very nimble. Building a data model took time and specialist knowledge—it wasn’t something that anyone in line-of-business could do. Analytics developed a reputation as valuable, but not responsive enough to meet rapidly changing business needs.

Smarter BI is changing that assumption. It uses cognitive technology and smart user interaction design to create a powerful, robust analytics solution that is nonetheless easy for users throughout the organisation to pick up and use.

This transformation of BI is essential, because the organisations that thrive in the future will be those that become “data-driven”—in other words, those that can use data to inform every aspect of their operations.

For this to happen, analytics needs to be usable by employees throughout the organisation, not just IT or data scientists. When line-of-business personnel can use analytics on their own, and share their insights easily, it helps drive insightful, data-driven decision making at every level.

Insights are needed at the line-of-business level, and Cognos Analytics is a smart BI solution designed to deliver them there. Register for Session 3555 - Creating a data-driven culture with smarter, self-service BI for more.

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